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Raquel Duncan on midday Maryland

Raquel Duncan on the show “Midday Maryland” talking about extensions and wigs and how they can change your look.

Where It All Began: The Story of Yar

The story of Yar Hair Extension Salon starts back in the college days of Raquel Duncan. She is the owner and primary stylist at the salon. While attending college, she was a shampoo assistant at a local salon.  Discovering that she really loved to work with people and their hair, Raquel went to get a formal education at New Carrollton Hair Academy in Maryland. After graduation, she immediately started her professional hair stylist career.

Raquel began working in a salon as a stylist and found she loved doing bridal hairstyles. Since many brides want to look somewhat different than their usual look, many requested hair extensions. In time, hair extensions became her specialty. To further her expertise in the arts and science of hair extensions, she decided to move to New York to become a certified Bellami Hair Extension Professional. She still attends continuing education classes, always staying on top of the newest trends and techniques.

Raquel provides her clients with hair care treatments with every service. Everyone wants to have great looking hair. Raquel says, “In order for your hair to look great, you must treat it.”

With 17 years of experience, Raquel enjoys doing tape ins, glue ins, microlinks, and sew ins. She uses her knowledge to create what her clients are envisioning when they sit in the chair.

You can find interviews and insights in Raquel and her career on “Midday Maryland” and “Ablazin’ Radio.”

Why You Need Yar

We’ve installed hundreds of hair extensions, maybe thousands, and we’ve styled hair for people from all over Maryland and beyond.

You Need A Hair Style That Is Outstanding, Unique and Fresh.

Putting in extensions by yourself can work. Sometimes, for limited uses.

These clip in extensions can also fall out, or are hard to maintain, or they don’t look “right”

Sometimes a professionial will just give you better results and you will have a memorable experience, too!

Yar Hair Extension Salon gives you the look, the experience and the treatment you deserve to really look on-point and your absolute best.

Don’t you deserve to feel that good? (The answer is “YES!”)

Call YAR Now For Better Hair!

You deserve to look fantastic, whether for your wedding or just because. Raquel and the team at Yar Hair Extension Salon in Crofton can make you look—and feel—that good!

What We Offer


Easy appointments, easy experience, easy care and follow-up!


We have a lot of openings and hire new talent to fill those openings. Plus our talent is top-notch and will finish your hair in good time!


We’ve decided to focus our expertise on hair extensions and treatments. So you know you will get the best most professional treatment available!

Natural Looking Extensions

Our hair extensions are beautiful because most are completely natural and match your hair perfectly. This helps it blend, but also makes it easy to take care of, too.

Easy Maintenance

The best thing about extensions is that they are not any harder to maintain than your own hair. We will teach you anything you need to know to stay looking sharp!

Amazing Care

One of Raquel’s values is hair-care. She teaches you how to best care for your type of hair so that you can get the best results consistently.

“Of Course It’s Real!”

Soon, you will have people commenting about and complimenting you new look. Some will ask if it is real and you can confidently say “Of course!” We typically use real hair in these extensions so it feel natural, looks natural and styles just like your own hair, because it is real and natural.


What Are People Saying About Us?


Call & Set An Appointment Now

Although we are constantly finding new talent, our calendar does fill up fast.

So call now and reserve a time so that you can be ready to go on the date that you need!

Yar Hair Extension Salon is your best choice for new and replacement hair extensions because of our professional focus and expertise on these beautiful hair pieces.

We take every pain to make you look fabulous and we guarantee you will love the whole experience. We’ve built our business around it and each stylist looks forward to making the best day possible for their clientele.

When you call, you will talk to the owner, Raquel, and set up a time for a consultation. She’ll discuss with you what you want and need, find out your budget and time constraints and work on crafting a great solution that fits your lifestyle.

Soon, you’ll be enjoying the looks of people noticing you more and most importantly, that feeling of joy because you feel so good, looking so good!

Micro-Bead Extensions

Attached right at the root, these hair wefts blend right in and make your style stand out!

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Glue-In Extensions

Glued to your scalp, these extensions look really natural and help you have a fuller, more finished look.

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Sewn-In Extensions

The most complete, durable and meshed look are from sewn-in extensions. Imagine long, luxurious hair that lasts.


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