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At Yar, we are the experts in hair extensions. Check out our extension styles and other hair treatments to help you get the type of hair style that fits you best.

Sewn-In Extensions

We start by braiding your natural hair to create tracks. Then the extensions are sewn onto the tracks for a more durable and long-lasting hairstyle that requires very little maintenance. Sew-in extensions can be sewn as a full head of hair, or as a partial sew-in, where part of your natural hair is styled with the extensions. Sew-in extensions are best for adding a longer and more full head of hair. They also are great to add color, curls, or straight hair styles that don’t ruin your natural hair.

Tape-In Extensions

These types of extensions are taped or glued onto your scalp. Our professional hair stylists section parts in your natural hair to add small sections of extensions. Tape-in extensions look best when done by a professional to create a natural looking set of hair that lays correctly. Tape-in extensions are best when wanting to add fullness or color to your natural hair.

Micro-Bead Extensions

Micro bead extensions are secured to your hair by small beads that are clamped to sections of your natural hair. The beads lay flat and blend in with your hair color, so they are unnoticeable. Adding micro bead extensions is a quick process to temporarily add some length, volume, or color to your hair. These are great for formal events like dances, weddings, and photos.

Clip-In Extensions

Clip-ins are fast and easy to do, even at home! We take hair wefts—they can match or be some color or style that’s totally different— and we install them with hair clips which attach to your natural hair. They are easy to install and easy to remove. Unlike DIY clips, ours look really good, always!


Blowouts dry and style your hair with out using curling irons or flatirons. Drying your hair this way gives it a sleek and smooth look that is manageable and looks great.

Hydration Treatments

If you have dried out, over worked hair, a hydration treatment is for you. Hydration treatments help your hair absorb and retain moisture. Your hair becomes healthier, more manageable, looks and feels better.

Hair Straightening Treatments

Chemical treatments allow curly and wavy hair to become straight, shiny and frizz free. Treatments are permanent, and hair can be washed and dried normally, without the curl returning.

YAR Hair Extension Salon is so much more than simple extensions. We are professionals that dedicate ourselves to learning more about extensions and related treatments, and getting better and more professional than other salons at applying them. We are here to serve you, here to give you an experience you can’t anywhere else and here to make you so happy with your hair that you tell all your friends about it! That’s OUR commitment to you.


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